Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ok, not that much to say, but I printed those shirts in time and about 12 of 15 turned out to be usable. Hooray! Plus my presentation and explanation of the assignment went over seemingly very well and stimulated much conversation. Hopefully lots of thinking too. Hooray! Plus I was told that I was one of the better presentations, so that is expecially nice as class presentations have not been a high light of my past. I gave away the 10 shirts I brought to class, plan to do more for the next Printmaking fundraiser around the end of the month. Also my etching and litho having been coming along, although there is always more to do.

In other news I saw Watchmen today. It was really good, although I left the theatre with mixed feelings about it overall. I read a review somewhere saying it was too true to the book to stand on it's own but not true enough to be the book brought to life. A weird grey area. I'd advise to go see it and read the book, or actually do that in opposite order. If anything, the movie sums up and simplifies the book (basically) into 2 hours what took me a few weeks to read.


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