Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Future

Well, it's really only just 2010, but it seems kind of like the future. Despite a very apparent lack of posts, I have tried to keep productive.

First, this is a stencil I did in the Yellow staircase in OCAD, just below the third floor if you're curious. This little guy is a metaphor and symbol for one of my philosophies on life. I think it's fairly obvious, but to put it bluntly, it would seem that we are all hairy little mammals floating about in the breeze, unable to control where we float. Usually there is a lot of scrambling about to try to direct where we drift, but it rarely does any good. Ideally, we can just float about and enjoy where we go!

The next piece, entitled 'Proximity To Animals' is a very large screen print, 30" x 32". I've never done one so big before. It was really challenging and the edition didn't turn out quite how I'd wanted (thanks in part to a warped vacuum table with no vacuum), but I learned SO MUCH. And that's kind of the point right?

The idea behind this one is fairly simple, it's meant to be a visualization of the title. The notion of humanity's proximity to animals is fascinating. Biologically speaking, we very much so are animals and bare so many resemblances to the rest of the natural world. But at the same time, we are so vastly different from all other life on Earth, even the creatures we have almost identical DNA with. And because we see the differences more often than not, we are smitten with the idea of getting close to nature and exploring our 'wild' selves. We go camping, put animals in cages and look at them, incessantly try to find proof of our relation to the rest of the animal kingdom.

The following pictures are of a run of T-shirts I did for Shannon Gerard's class. They were also somewhat surprising in outcome, but so far are the most successful shirts I've done! I'm very pleased with them. However, I'd like to sell them and am asking $10, but I can be persuaded. I've only got 3 left, two with yellow dots and one with gold, all mediums. If you want one, let me know!

The concept behind the shirts, aside from utilizing a form of propaganda which has achieved unparalleled ubiquity in the last decade or so, is a personal motto of resilience. Recently, whilst under a lot of stress and deadlines, I adopted the motto 'Rest When You're Dead' to try and get succeed. It proved to have an opposite effect to what I was aiming for, and staring at the note I had written the phrase on I began playing with the letters. I think at the time I wanted to play Space Invaders to get my mind off work, and came up with this arrangement. The idea is that when you hit the bottom, the screen goes black and you've run out of lives, hit reset and start again. Sort of an 8-bit rehash of 'pick your self up, dust your self off, and try again'. Positive much?

This pictures don't really do the vibrancy justice, they are actually pretty bright and almost jarring. Anyway, more to come soon I hope. We'll see what happens.

Listening to:
Massive Attack - Protection
Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been
The Clash - Combat Rock
Richie Delamore - Bahamian Rhythms (I love value village!)
King Tubby
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
Elliott Smith
Four Tet
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too (SO GOOD!)
Forrest Gump Soundtrack
Wilson Pickett
Jon Hopkins - Insides
All this and lots and lots of turntabalism and 90's hip-hop/trip-hop.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, exams are done (not that I actually had any) and I've been back home for a week or so now. Very glad to have finished my final projects and take it easy for a bit. I had been meaning to put up some images from my last few projects but I have been very distracted.

This is my final screen print project, in various stages of completion. The final images being it installed on Queen St, just west of John St. With the help of some good friends (MUCH THANKS!) we made a bunch of cardboard, 3D letters that spelled 'Freedom From Want'. I had a hard time nailing down the idea for this project, but finally I decided on confronting consumerism it's self. I also thought it was timely that Christmas is coming up, but I wanted to install something that would confront shoppers in the act. I was reading about this and if we're supposed to be free from want, how come our biggest holiday is based on buying stuff? And how come success is measured in dollars? And why does everyone buy so much stuff all the time, and how come advertisements sell us desire instead of informing us of product?

Sadly the installation didn't last very long, although the nails holding it in place are still there. If anyone knows where the letters went I'd love to know.

I think I've got more pictures kicking around, but I don't know where they are yet. I'll renew my search soon, as I'm still fighting a cold.

Listening to:
(this time dedicated to Laura and the inclusion of track titles)

Emalkay - When I look At You
Matthew Good - Hospital Music (saw live, twas grand)
Moneen - The World I Want To Leave Behind (also saw live, it was awesome)
BBC Radio 1 - specifically the Rob Da Bank show and sometimes Annie Nightingale
Amnesia Amnesia - The Eating Disease (also saw live, don't miss em!)
The Kinks
Latino Health Crisis
Brand New - Daisy (live+Glassjaw=AWESOME)
Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute
Mother Mother - Also saw live (good month eh?)
A Tribe Called Quest - Best Of

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Faces


So as one could imagine, I've been keeping busy. Finished this screen project recently and had been meaning to post something for a while. Each of the four layers has been printed on transparent duralar, 9"x9", the idea being the viewer is intended to rearrange the order of the layers. Bone represents spirituality, muscle physicality, skin personality and the mask society and it's constructs. Although we are all always composed of these things, different layers take precedence in different circumstances. If you're at the hospital, you are likely to be regarded by your physicality first - if your sick, healthy, etc. Or at a place of worship, one might have their spiritual side exposed with their social, physical and personal selves underneath. Or maybe the spiritual side would be exposed at the hospital?

This project was an 80% success, in that it didn't print exactly how I had intended due to some unfortunate miscalculations. Overall, however, I'm quite content.

Listening to:

The Clash
Handsome Boy Modeling School
Cursed - Two
Ohbijou - Swift Feet For Troubling Times
Beck - Guero
Nation Of Ulysses - Plays Pretty For Baby
Nightmares On Wax - Mind Elevation
The Herbaliser - Blow Your Headphones

Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember remember...

...the fifth of (updating your blog) November.

Well, I have been keeping busy. I finished a print today, which was very pleasurable. Then I saw 'Where The Wild Things Are', which was also pleasurable.

That didn't come out right. It was a good movie, not what I was expecting. I suppose it wasn't as Disney as I'd expected it to be. Good though, 3 of 4 stars from me.

I don't have any good images of the prints I finished, so I shall photograph them tomorrow. But I will include one of the layers from it, which took a lot of time but turned out well.

Listening to:
Ricky Gervais Podcasts (amongst his other works)
Dizzee Rascal
Converge - Axe To Fall
Bjork - Volta
The Miles - Blood On My Blazer (Excellent!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So much for regular updates...


Very busy week. Make that weeks. Lots of time spent on an essay and Thanksgiving. However, I'm pleased to report that I have successfully made roast duck, in light of less productive printmaking attempts. I've been working on this screen project for ages, but it doesn't want to be finished. If it's not one thing its another.

Listening to:
Mother Mother - Hayloft
Bloc Party - One More Chance/Intimacy
The XX - XX
The Herbaliser - Blow Your Headphones
The Slew - 100%
Nightmares On Wax - Mind Elevation
Roots Manuva!
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Work In Progress


In trying to keep this blog updated regularly I'm going to have to include some work in progress.

My floor isn't normally this messy. And the mess that is usually there isn't as nicely laid out. This is prep for a collage/screen print for my Screen Printing class. I've been collecting as many news papers as I can find from recycling bins throughout the subway every day this week. It's a gross idea and feels really weird to be snooping through waste on the platform with people giving you weird looks. But overall, it's been pretty good (no diseases yet!). I'm really looking forward to turning this one out.

This one, if you can imagine it turned 90 degrees clockwise, is for my digital print class. Right now it's a combination of ink and collage, although I'm really not sure how I like it. It's due soon and needs a lot of work still, so I'll just have to make it good some how. Playing it pretty close to the influences on this one I'm afraid. Can you guess who?

PS: Please pardon the low quality photos. It IS almost 3AM and I didn't want to dig out my camera and stuff. Still pretty good effort I think. All things considered.

Listening to:
Roots Manuva (So good!)
Dizzee Rascal
Wiley - Wearing My Rolex
Dan Deacon - Build Voice
Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven (awesomely lame)
Brand New - Daisy
The XX (purchased because the cover is rad, turns out to sound great)
Moneen - The World I Want To Leave Behind (still great!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A few more highlights of last years efforts. Not that great, but sort of interesting.