Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, exams are done (not that I actually had any) and I've been back home for a week or so now. Very glad to have finished my final projects and take it easy for a bit. I had been meaning to put up some images from my last few projects but I have been very distracted.

This is my final screen print project, in various stages of completion. The final images being it installed on Queen St, just west of John St. With the help of some good friends (MUCH THANKS!) we made a bunch of cardboard, 3D letters that spelled 'Freedom From Want'. I had a hard time nailing down the idea for this project, but finally I decided on confronting consumerism it's self. I also thought it was timely that Christmas is coming up, but I wanted to install something that would confront shoppers in the act. I was reading about this and if we're supposed to be free from want, how come our biggest holiday is based on buying stuff? And how come success is measured in dollars? And why does everyone buy so much stuff all the time, and how come advertisements sell us desire instead of informing us of product?

Sadly the installation didn't last very long, although the nails holding it in place are still there. If anyone knows where the letters went I'd love to know.

I think I've got more pictures kicking around, but I don't know where they are yet. I'll renew my search soon, as I'm still fighting a cold.

Listening to:
(this time dedicated to Laura and the inclusion of track titles)

Emalkay - When I look At You
Matthew Good - Hospital Music (saw live, twas grand)
Moneen - The World I Want To Leave Behind (also saw live, it was awesome)
BBC Radio 1 - specifically the Rob Da Bank show and sometimes Annie Nightingale
Amnesia Amnesia - The Eating Disease (also saw live, don't miss em!)
The Kinks
Latino Health Crisis
Brand New - Daisy (live+Glassjaw=AWESOME)
Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute
Mother Mother - Also saw live (good month eh?)
A Tribe Called Quest - Best Of